Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Author Jitters

I've been focusing too much on the novel. Ok, maybe not too much. I have the cover properly sized and titled and the like, I have copies both for hardback and e-book, I have formatted and proofread (again!) and I'm still worried about whether it's good enough.

I'm dropping the novel November 1 (not November 15 as I said before). I am way ahead. Once I get my favorite beta reader's notes in, I could finish the submission. All is good, but I'm still panicking.

I have other things to focus on (besides work, of course). I could start plotting for NaNo in November. I will be writing the sequel to The Kringle Conspiracy, known as Kringle in the Dark. NaNo has a prepping self-guided class that will get me into November in good shape. I just need to focus on them.

I have to be a bit less antsy with this writing thing. 

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