Tuesday, September 15, 2020

I live to create

 In putting together the parts for the book-to-be, I discovered something important about me -- I like creating things. Not just for myself, but I like what I create going out to the public in tangible form.

I don't have the talent to draw, build, or knit. People keep me away from sharp objects like power drills and saws. (With good reason; I once had a power drill fall on my foot.) My kitchen is not organized enough to bake for others, like the woman who makes macarons in town. I can write. 

And now it looks like I can publish.

I don't know if I will put everything I've written into self-publishing. I need to see if this book can get traction. I need to see if my queries (now improved) can get traction. But I have time, because I am satisfying a most basic instinct of mine -- creating and putting forth into a hopefully irresistible package.

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