Saturday, August 1, 2020

Life with Chloe

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we acquired a 8-week-old kitten who we named Chloe. This is a recent picture of Chloe:

Ok, that wasn't such a good picture of her.  How about this?

Ok, so she doesn't pose well for pictures.

Chloe is a mixture of sweet and spicy -- she curls up with me at night, right before springing over me and attacking my foot. Her acceleration rate far surpasses mine, and she can jump eight inches straight in the air. She licks my face, then nips my nose.

I'm her favorite, but only because she's quarantining in my room until we can acquaint her with the other cats. So I am the source of food and pettings. 

Yes, the other cats are jealous -- not so much of the cat, but because they want kitten food too. Given the extra calorie punch of kitten kibble, of course the cats want to eat the kitten food. When one (usually Me-Me) finds their way in, I have to hide the food dish until they leave.

Me-Me and Chloe stalk each other. Today I watched Me-Me sneak up to Chloe until she had Chloe literally pinned up against her cardboard carrier. Then, as Me-Me walked off, Chloe started stalking her. 

Someday Chloe will be a full grown cat, without so many of the charming kitten antics. But I'm sure she will be as magnificent and quirky as she was as a kitten.

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